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Owner of the lawfirm, Michael von Kauffmann, graduated from Copenhagen Business College 1977, candidatus juris, master at law from Copenhagen University 1983, lawyer at the Copenhagen lawfirm Hjejle, Gersted og Mogensen 1983-1987 (Bruun Hjejle), lawyer for The Danish Confederation of Employers from 1987-1989, own law practice since 1989. Appointed to The High Court in 1987 and to The Supreme Court in 1992. Michael von Kauffmann has been teaching at CBS (Copenhagen Buisness School) in buisness law and are funktion as ad hoc arbitrator since 2000.

Of councel Peter Rud, attorney at law, advokat (H), mediator.

law firm hellerup copenhagenThe law firm has it's address at Sankt Peders Vej 6, 2900 Hellerup/Copenhagen in modern offices with short distance to the City Court of Copenhagen, the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen and Supreme Court of Denmark.

Law firm lobbyFor further information please contact:

Michael von Kauffmann, lawyer - appointed to the Surpreme Court

Josephine W. Månsson, paralegal secretary, estate manager

Christine Forslund, paralegal secretary, bookkeeper

E-mail: adv@kauffmann.dk

Attorney's office Copenhagen

We are autorised by the Danish Justice Department and member of The Danish Bar and Law Society - Advokatsamfundet and The Danish Confideration of Employers.

Settlement of our fees is done in accordance with our separate fee agreement and order confirmation.

We are liability insured in HDI Denmark under policy number 1560865515214003 for up to 2,5 million DDK.

By special agreement, the sum insured can be increased. Contact us if the subject matter exceeds DKK 2.5 million DDK.

The lawfirms cvr./vat. no. is 15111976.

Our client accounts is in Danske Bank A/S and Jyske Bank A/S.

The Guarantee Fund under the Danish Bar and Law Society:
In the event of bankruptcy of one of the mentioned banks, depositors will receive coverage under the Guarantee Scheme for Depositors and Investors Act. The Guarantee Fund covers the funds of an entitled depositor up to an amount corresponding to 100,000 euros (approx. DKK 750,000). The coverage maximum applies to the total deposit in the bank, even though the money is in various accounts, including both client bank accounts and own accounts.

There are special rules for deposits regarding real estate if the real estate has been used for or is intended for mainly non-commercial purposes. In this case, amounts up to DKK 10 million are covered until 12 months after the amount was deposited and whether the deposit is in a separate account. Further information about the guarantee scheme can be found on the website of the Guarantee Fund www.gii.dk.

Choice of law and jurisdiction:
The law firm's advice and the company's terms of business are subject to Danish law. Any disputes can only be brought before Danish courts.

Please contact us if you have any complains. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Michael von Kauffmann, supreme court litigator.


































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